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Songwriter & Musical Theater Performer

I’m a singer-songwriter, guitar player, and actor currently based in Boston finishing up my last year of undergrad at Berklee College of Music. Having grown up in a non-musical but VERY supportive family in rural Minnesota, I started playing guitar around age 15. I fell in love with the music of Jimi Hendrix, and just noodling around finding shapes that sounded nice, but nothing really came from it until I started studying at Berklee. I had always written poetry, however upon taking a lyric writing class I started to finally write original songs in a wide range of styles. I wrote in genres such as folk, pop, jazz, rock, and musical theater, and moreover I learned specific tools and songwriting tricks of the trade that are applicable to ALL of those genres! Nowadays, I’m particularly into writing original songs in a folk/ jazz fusion style. I am also very immersed in writing storytelling focused songs for musical theater. I find that it does such a great job taking listeners out of their heads and into the present moment. On a day to day basis I will write from the various “song seeds” (little song ideas that have yet to be workshopped) I have stashed away in various files, folders, notebooks, and napkins strewn about, as well as practice guitar and voice to keep up my playing chops. I also engage in a lot of idea generating activities such as free writing, morning pages, object writing, and improvisation! This helps my creative brain stay creative! Some current projects I’m working on are my first *untitled* solo EP, and my original musical Through Worlds Big and Small. For me, to be able to make music all day and work in this industry is just a dream come true! However none of it would mean anything if it didn’t touch the ears of music lovers, theater lovers, casual enthusiasts, or just passers by. My goal in life is to write and make things that have a visceral impact on people’s lives. That could be in a HAHAHA comedic way, or an OMG I’M CRYING MY EYES OUT kind of way. Either, both, or anywhere in between is welcome. If you felt SOMETHING I know I’ve done my job correctly. Here’s to making art together!! 


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